Rock N Roll Royalty

For ten years, Collingwood champion Marcus Wells was an award-winning Elvis tribute artist, garnering accolades and several top prizes, sharing the stage with, namely, the Jordanaires and the Imperials, both Elvis’s backup groups.


Of the things frequently mentioned about Marcus were his vocal closeness to Elvis on stage… and, strangely perhaps, his physical resemblance to Elton John off stage!


It only seemed natural for Marcus to decide to concretize his lifelong love for Elton’s music and artistry by paying tribute to this larger-than-life legend.


As Sir Elton, Marcus will delight you with his interpretations of Elton’s most beloved hits, recreating Elton’s current look, his voice, and his onstage persona. Marcus is one of the very few Elton tribute artists in the world to portray the Elton of today, in all his majesty and stage maturity.


A seasoned pro, Marcus will fill your evening with rock n’ roll, energy, and, of course, beautiful music that has always been a part of the soundtrack of your life.

Cheering Crowd




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